Monday, 29 June 2015

Some Netflix guests arrived to our door!

As some of you may have seen from my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts we had visitors to our home this week. No sooner had Hiccup and Toothless arrived they were out exploring to see what new discoveries they could make in their new land! 

They came across some strange creatures hanging around who go by the name of Ozzie, Bluey and Larry the Lamb! Hiccup and Toothless had never seen such beasts before and were very careful not to disturb them as they passed to saver grounds.  

So, why did Hiccup and Toothless come to see us? Well, they wanted to tell us that they were on Netflix and DreamWorks Dragons: Race to the Edge was on! 

"DreamWorks Dragons: Race to the Edge" arrived to Netflix on Friday 26th June. Together with Hiccup and Toothless we watched it to see where their adventures took them! 

My two were delighted they stopped by as they are having great fun following their adventures. I think it is safe to say they are a firm favorite with our son who's 4 next month. Our daughter's fondness at 17 months, is for placing poor Hiccups legs in her mouth but he doesn't seem to mind too much and is enjoying his new home!

Monday, 22 June 2015

A week of Inspiration!

This is the first chance I've had to sit down and fill you in on a great week I had last week and to give you a proper update since my recent post Thank you, Changes & #SecretProject

So I suppose that best place to start is with #SecretProject! As I'd mentioned in my post Thank you, Changes & #SecretProject I'd an upcoming meeting which I had last week. While I'm still unable to tell you what #SecretProject is I can tell you that the meeting went better than I'd expected and I'm getting closer to sharing with you what #SecretProject is all about! So keep an eye out for a big reveal in the coming weeks!

After still being on a high from my meeting on Thursday, on Saturday I had a road trip in store and my first bloggers meetup with some great bloggers! The day began with me picking up Kathleen from Squidgy Moments. You would have met Kathleen recently on #MeetTheBloggers which you can read here. While I'd never met Kathleen before it didn't prevent us having a good old "chin wag" on our road trip to Wexford to meet some fellow bloggers!  

Irish Beauty & Lifestyle Bloggers Inspire had organised their first meetup in Cream Dreams in Wexford. This was organised by the wonderful ladies Danielle of LilliWhiteRose, Sara of Where is my mind Gone? and Anita of Anita's Beauty SpotI was so excited not only to finally attend my first bloggers meetup but to have a day out! 

From Kildare we set off and it seemed like no time at all that we were in the Sunny South East, Wexford town! We were met on arrival by Danielle who I was delighted to finally meet. Danielle has been a great support to me since beginning my blog and I really appreciate her inviting me to join the group as there are amazing bloggers involved. 

Off upstairs we went where I met Sara who too has been a wonderful support to me and Anita. As we settled in I met with S2u Beauty & Blog, Chasing Rubies Chasing Pearls

Danielle had invited Niamh Hogan owner of Holos Skincare to talk with us. I was delighted to finally meet with Niamh. I've known her for some time via various Facebook pages we are both on and Twitter. I love her attitude to both life and business. 

Niamh's talk for me was fantastic. It made me smile as her journey to beginning Holos Skincare as a business is where I am right now with #SecretProject (there's a hint for you!!). Niamh is an inspirational lady and has developed a fantastic business. Holos Skincare is created from nature. Niamhs products are "natural and holistic, free of parabens, ethanol and SLS" She is against testing on animals and they are ethically produced. 

In the goody bags we received there was a Holos Floral Toner which I was delighted to see! Day 2 of using it and it is fab so keep an eye out I think I will be treating myself to some Holos soon!! You can take a look at Niamh's range here 

After Niamhs talk we were treated to the lovely Dawn from Benefit Cosmetics. When Dawn asked for a model I volunteered without thinking! As I sat down I realised my makeup was about to be stripped off before being redone! I was "morto" as my skin has not been at its best lately but that is another blog post! Thankfully I was among friends and I soon got over it and enjoyed some TLC!!

Picture by Squidgy Moments

Dawn went through all the amazing Benefit Products she used to create a simple daytime look for the summer! Throughout I was dependending on everyones looks at me as to how it was going ... they all had smiles and when I saw the finished look, I must say I was delighted!! 

The finished look thanks to Dawn from Benefit!

Dawn is based at Sam McCauley in Wexford Town and if your in the area I would recommend popping into her and the team! 

When Dawn was finished it was a great opportunity for us all to mingle and of course to indulge in some ice-cream! Cream Dreams specializes in desserts and coffee and if your a fan of either you have to pop in as they are fab! And if your not they also do toasties ,waffles and pancakes.... whats not to like!! With ice-cream and warm day it could only mean a selfie competition! 

Thanks to my selfie, I won a fabulous prize from Netflix

Orange is the New Black Kit and a years subscription to Netflix! 

There was a raffle too for two fab hampers from Sam McCauley and all proceeds raised went to the Wexford Cardiac Unit. 

Earlier I mentioned the lovely Holos Floral Toner I received in a goody bag well, just look at what else I got! 

There were fab products not only from Holos but from Ziaja, Wet n Wild, Glove your Body, Bioderma and some treats for the journey home Popchips, Vita Coco and a little stick of rock! Keep an eye out on my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to see how I'm getting on with these goodies!

I had such fun and felt so relaxed among friends. The hashtag for the day was #blbinspiredreams and I must say they've inspired mine all the more, not only for my blog but for #SecretProject too! 

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Review: Arch Angel - MeMeMe Cosmetics

When I received the MeMeMe Cosmetics Arch Angel to review I was delighted! They must of have read my recent post “What’s in my makeup bag” and felt I needed a wake-up call to finally ditch my old mascara brush for my brows and try Arch Angel

My first impression was the packaging, I think it’s fabulous. I love the style of MeMeMe Cosmetics packaging. I think it looks luxurious but without the hefty price tag attached! 

The Arch Angel is a duo product and gives you a “strong and manicured brow with a sweep of tint to flatter and define”. As a dual product it consists of a tinted brow gel which adds colour and definition to your brow while taming any stray brow hairs. On the opposite end, it has a creamy highlighter which helps lift the brow, creating further definition.

I have been using this everyday since I received it and I must say I’m very impressed with how easy it is to use. With two small kids I can be distracted when getting ready so its always important for me that a product is easy to use and allows for little error when my 16 month old is tugging at my leg!

From first use I found the brow gel easy to apply. I initially "feared" with the brow gel brush that it might clump  / go on too heavy as I can be somewhat clumsy with these things! I felt it was easy to apply and to build up the colour if needed to give a more defined look. This will be great for a nighttime look the next time I'm out ... someday soon I hope!! 
For a day look I use fewer gentle strokes to add colour. I felt with little product it gives a better shape to my brows. It even managed to keep some stragglers I have at the top of my brow in place which was great! 

The creamy highlighter I have used only a few times in comparison to the brow gel. This is more out of my "clumsiness" at application than anything else, I need to build more confidence when applying. When I have used it, I felt it really did add to my look and gave a further definition to my brow which I quite like. 

Without Arch Angel

With Arch Angel Brow Gel

With Arch Angel Brow Gel & Creamy Highlighter

While I may have been using an of mascara brush in the past for my brows (hang my head in shame) I haven't used a similar product to be able to compare it to. I think though, looking at the images above it is clear to see the difference and I must say I'm very pleased with the results. You will be glad to know too that I have ditched my old mascara brush and can now hold me head high as it has now been replaced by Arch Angel. 

At €10.50, I think the Arch Angel is great value. It is is available in Dark and Light Brown. For those of you in Kildare, pop into Marron's Pharmacy in Clane to check out the MeMeMe Cosmetics range they have instore including Arch Angel. 
If your not in Kildare check out MeMeMe Cosmetics Facebook page here to see where your nearest stockist is. 

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me to review, all thoughts are my own. 

Monday, 15 June 2015

#MeetTheBloggers - Jillian Godsil

Some of you will have already met today's #MeetTheBloggers back in February in the series #YourAnInspiration which you can read here

I'm delighted that Jillian wanted to take part in #MeetTheBloggers also. Its a great way for us to learn more about Jillian. She shares a little more about herself and introduces her blog.  

1)      Why did you begin Blogging?

I had tinkered with blogging over the years, writing for a wedding site that I co-owned and then a speech writing site. Then in 2008, I began formally blogging with my colleague Maria Golpe on our work site, covering topics to do with business, marketing and public relations. However, as time went on, I began to blog more and more about topics that were not work related. It was then that I decided I needed to write under my own name,, and I have continued there ever since.

My first blog on my own site concentrated on debt, a topic that has exercised me ever since. Here is my first blog called Debt becomes her

2) Describe your blog style in five words

Passionate, emotional, concerned, social and honest

3) Have you any other blogs?

I also blog under a pseudonym as the author of a series of feminist, activist and comic erotic novels. The pseudonym is Aoife Brennan, the title of the books are The Cougar Diaries and the blog is on
I wrote prolifically here (in tandem with my political blog) especially in 2013. Sometimes, I would get mixed up and on occasion my activist blog covered erotica and my erotic blog covered politics. And sometimes there were meant to cross over as life and art and politics and sex merge in our crazy mixed up world…

I took a break from blogging on here last year when I began my masters in screenwriting in IADT but I am returning shortly. And I have some big news: my books are being translated into Irish. Peig with Sex – I’ll say no more!

4) What makes you follow / read other Blogs? 

Often I will stumble across a blog via someone else – a link on Facebook or Twitter. If the content is interesting then I will follow the blog. Otherwise, if I am following a particular topic or issue then I will follow blogs that are authorities on that subject or influential in that area.

5) What would prevent you from following / reading another Blog?

I only follow blogs that interest me, so by default if I was not interested in the topic then I would not follow the blog.

6) Who would be your top three Blog recommendations?

I like Samantha Kelly, @tweetinggoddess, and follow her on all her platforms including her blogs

I find Danielle Serpico really inspiring. A thoughtful and provocative insight on life

And I am in constant awe and support of Diarmuid O’Flynn, co founder of the Ballyhea Protesters, fellow European contender in May 2014 and now working in Europe with Ming to try and find justice for Ireland.

7) What advice would you give to new bloggers?

Write your passion. There is no point blogging about things that interest you slightly – you will very quickly run out of steam. So, unless you are being paid to blog in work, then choose the subject that excites you.

8) A fun thing your readers don’t know about you?

In 1983 I won the Miss Bideford Bay competition; my first and last foray into beauty pageants. I was 18 years of age and had just finished school and was on a last family holiday in Devon. The prize was a plaque, a branded duffle bag and an invitation to return to Bideford Bay in November to compete against the year’s worth of finalists. I did not return but the little plaque sat on a shelf in my old bedroom at home until last year when my mother sold the family home. In the move, the plaque mysteriously disappeared! LOL 

I'd like to thank you Jillian again for taking part in #MeetTheBloggers. You can follow Jillian via the links below!


If you would like to take part in #MeetTheBloggers, please send me an email to

I look forward to hearing from you and I hope you enjoy the series

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Review: Wolford Leggings

Some of you may have already seen on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages that I received these wonderful Wolford leggings to review. I must say when I got them I was delighted. I felt very lucky and couldn't wait to try them. I received a pair of leggings from their Layla and Precious range. 

Layla Leggings

When I first tried these on they felt like a second skin. The leggings are made from a "skin-friendly viscose jersey" and are very comfortable when on. There is no gusset which means they can work well as trousers also. The seam is "artfully" placed on the inside leg and it adds to the style of the Layla legging. 

I will be honest, I would not be one to wear leggings in general. Any I've worn in the past have felt uncomfortable on the leg and rolled down around my stomach. 
I loved the waistline on these, as it is very soft on my waist without "digging" in and making me feel uncomfortable.
With the Layla leggings I found them easy to wear and felt I could dress them up / down very easily. 

You can purchase the Layla Leggings here. They are available in Black and Iron (grey). While they may seem pricey at €99, I think for the quality and versatility they are worth the spend. These I think will become a staple in your daily wardrobe. 

Precious Leggings

Don't these just look FAB! Like the Layla Leggings when I tried these on, it was instant comfort with the obvious glam! I love the "sparkling appliqu├ęd metallic" detail on the hem. The precious opaque leggings will add glamour to your look and you will feel comfortable all day / night long!  
Like the Layla leggings, there is no gusset and the seam is "artfully" placed on the inside leg. 

Front leg of detail

Back leg of detail

I haven't had a chance to wear these for a night out yet but I must say I'm looking forward to when I do! Nights out are rare now as a mum of two so when I do get out, I like to feel comfortable and stylish. Both don't always go "hand in hand" until now!  

Again, these may seem pricey at €129 but they are something that you will always have and lets face it, who doesn't want to feel glam and comfortable at the same time! The Precious leggings I think will become like your "LBD"! (Little Black Dress). They are available in Black and you can purchase them here

If you haven't already take a look at Wolford's Online shop here. I wasn't aware of the range that they have available so it is worth stopping by and seeing what you could treat yourself to!  

Worth Noting: The sizes that were sent to me were in medium which would normally be what I wear. I felt they were quite generous and could of done with a small so it is worth double checking the size guides especially if you are 5ft 1" tall like me! 

You can follow Wolford on Twitter here and Instagram here

Disclaimer: These items were sent to me by Wolford's to review and all views are my own

Thursday, 4 June 2015

What's in my Make-up Bag!

Yesterday I shared with you about what was in my Handbag which you can read here! Today it's all about my Make-up bag! I must say, I'm quite enjoying these linkys with LilliWhiteRose and Where's my Mind Gone? 

So, above will give you an idea of what my make-up bag looks like when I'm heading off somewhere! I think I will need to find a new set of more compact brushes so I can close it!!

The Bag! 

I have this Bobbi Brown bag a number of years ago now. I received it as a Kris Kindle present from my bother in law with some lovely Bobbi Brown goodies inside which are since long gone. 

I love the little pouch that comes with it. Its very handy for keeping jewelry in or when I'd longer hair (you can read about my journey to shot hair here!) it was great for storing clips and hair ties. 

Lets start with the face!

This is a new addition for me. I'd used a primer before but wasnt overly impressed but have since been converted with this! I love too that it has an SPF! 

Again, I love that this has an SPF. While I know at the moment we're not getting the summer we hoped for, I always wear an SPF no mater what time of year it is. 
I love the coverage with this so much so that there are days when I don't feel the need for concealer so that's a bonus! 

LACURA Translucent Powder
This is an Aldi product and I for its price, it is quite good. It's probably a little too pale for me but it will tide me over until I find something new! 

Another new product for me and so is the idea of sculpting! 
I love this! Its very easy to use which for me is a winner! 

I must admit while this is an under-eye concealer, I use it where needed and it works perfectly!
I love the light feel of the concealer and the fact that is twists up. Very handy and means no wastage! 

Blusher Brush
While this is a Blusher brush I use if for my powder and IsaDora Face Sculptor. 
I know, this is a total no, no (hang my head in shame) but I promise I'm getting there I will get myself a set of brushes! 

An the eyes! 

I LOVE this palette! I've used all of the colours and do in a variety of ways on a daily basis. 

This is so easy to use and I love the little brush tucked away in the lid. 

This is only new to me but from first use I liked that it wasn't heavy on the eye which I much prefer for a day time look. I've only used it a couple of days so I'm looking forward to seeing how I get on with it in the coming weeks. 

Massive hang my head in shame time! 
I'd like to say that is is a mascara I use for my lashes but it's not! 
This is an old mascara which is empty and I use it to shape my eyebrows! ..... I think I need to start hunting for an eyebrow kit!

For Lip Puckering!! 

Again, another newbie to me but the last couple of days that I've been using it I'm loving it! I've two other shades so no doubt I will have a review up soon!

I have a number of these and I have to say I love them. They are quick and easy to use and I always feel great when I'm wearing them. 

So, there you go, that's what's in my make-up bag! I think after sharing I've a few additions to get such as brushes ... the correct ones that is and a brow kit!
If you'd like to join in the #whatsinmybag linky just click here

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

What's in my Handbag - Linky!

So, as some of you may have read in my recent post Thank you, Changes & #SecretProject, for the next couple of weeks I was going to be stepping back from the amount I blogged while I worked on an upcoming meeting for #SecretProject. When I saw that LilliWhiteRose and Where is my mind? had new linkys I just had to take part! So first up is "What's in my Handbag?"

Some of you will already have seen this bag on my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts. I picked it up on Friday in Parfois in Blanchardstown Centre with a voucher I won in January! The bag was only €24.99 and for a mammy on the go it is ideal as it is a "bag in a bag"! 

With two for the price of one it means all of Mammy's things can go in the smaller bag and underneath I can hide nappies, wipes etc for my two little darlings! 

Now, I will be honest ..... I'm not really a bag person! Terrible I know, but its the truth but I'm trying to change that around. So, I'm hoping this new bag will be the start of a wonderful collection ....sorry hubby!!

First off and most important are my sunglasses! Anyone who knows me will know, no matter what the weather I have my sunglasses on .... it's always sunshine in my world ;-). I picked these up on Friday also in Parfois for €12.99. I'm delighted now to have my old ones as a spare pair as my 16 month old has taken a fondness to playing with them! 

There's of course my wallet which I will be honest is very boring. I have this for years and it was bought for its functionality rather than something nice to carry with me. I think I will have to begin a hunt for a new one. 

Ziaja Handcream! I must say I love this cream and while I probably don't use it as much as I should, its always great to have near me when I'm out and about. 

I love this little case that I won from The Quintessential on Twitter recently. While it's designed as an Ipad  / Kindle Case it works perfectly for my tablet and notebooks. The case fits perfectly within my bag so it means no matter where I am (once I've my bag with me!), I can write down ideas I have for my blog or #SecretProject

I must say, its a very boring bag at the moment but I've no doubt it was gain some additional items with the more use it gets! There's still room left too for my makeup bag which I will share its contents with you tomorrow in the Whats in my Makeup bag linky. 

If you'd like to join in #whatsinmybag click here to join in!